Bonjour Print Services for Windows

Bonjour Print Services for Windows

Bonjour Printer Wizard lets you configure printers from your computer
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Bonjour Print Services for Windows is a very useful tool that allows you to discover, manage and use in best conditions Bonjour enabled printers connected to you'r personal computer using Bonjour Printer Wizard. With this program you can set you'r printer to work with best setings and conditions.

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  • Question: Is there any reason for needing both of them? Thanks in advance for answer!

    Software Informer gives you information about newest updates and keeps your applications updated while Bonjour is a client which allows you to discover and manage Bonjour-based printers in your network. You should keep them both since these are two different applications.

  • Question: Why in more Layman's terms do I need this Bonjour & do I have to have Internet Explorer as my primary browser or just any installed browser? Can I have Bonjour (if really needed) without Internet Explorer & Firefox, Safari, or Opera instead? (I'm trying to figure out what apps/software currently showing up on my computer are things I don't need at all).

    You can have your favorite browser installed, because this application works in the background to scan and find other Bonjour enabled devices and printers. The application allows easy communication between your computer and Bonjour-enabled printers.

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